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PROBLEM SOLVING: MENDELIAN GENETICS SET 2 1. In rabbits, C = agouti coat color, c ch = chinchilla, c h = Himalayan, and c = albino. The four alleles constitute a multiple allelic series. The agouti C is dominant to the other three, c is recessive to the other three alleles, and chinchilla is dominant to Himalayan. Determine the phenotypes of progeny from the following crosses: a.CC X cc b. Cc ch X Cc c. Cc X Cc d. Cc h X c h c e.Cc h X cc 2. A woman of blood group AB marries a man of blood group A whose father was of group O. What is the probability that a. their two children will both be of group A? b. one child will be of group B, the other of group O? c. the Frst child will be a son of group AB and the second child a son of group B? 3. In shorthorn cattle, the heterozygous condition of the alleles for red coat color ( C R ) and white coat color ( C W ) is roan coat color. If two roan cattle are mated, what proportion of the progeny will resemble their parents in coat color? 4. In four-o;clock plants, two genes,
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