Geology _ Geophysics in Oil Exploration


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Unformatted text preview: anging wall and footwall. By definition, the hanging wall occurs above the fault and the footwall occurs below the fault. This terminology comes from mining. When working a tabular ore body the miner stood with the footwall under his feet and with the hanging wall hanging above him. Fault Terminology: • • • • • • • • • • • Nature of the movement along fault: • Transitional movement: no rotation occurred • Rotational movement: Rotation occurred • Relative movements: in this case, fault never offer any direct evidence as to which blocks actually moved • Slip: Theterm used to indicate the relative movements of adjacent points on opposite sides of fault • Net Slip: is the total slip along fault • Strike slip: is component of net slip parallel to strike • Dip Slip: is component of net slip parallel to dip • Vertical slip(Throw): amount of vertical movement associated with fault • Heave: is the horizontal component of the dip slip 21 Geology & Geophysics in Oil Exploration Mahmoud Sroor Hanging wall: occurs above the fault. Foot wall: occurs below the fault. Fault plane: is the fault surface Fault zone: instead of single fracture, numerous of faults in area Fault trace: is fault outcrop or fault line Fault Block: is rock mass bounded at least by two opposite faults Fault Scrap: is the formation on the earth due to earth quakes Fault heave: amount of horizontal displacement on a fault Fault throw: amount of vertical displacement on a fault Branch line: Line of intersection of two faults Tip line: the dimension of fault Geology & Geophysics in Oil Exploration Fault Classification: 1‐Geometrical classification: A‐Geometrical classification based on rake of net slip: • Dip slip fault: net slip is up or down the slip of fault • Strike slip fault: net slip is parallel to strike of fault • Diagonal slip fault(Oblique): net slip is diagonally up or down fault plane B‐Geometrical classification based on Fault pattern: .Parallel .Periph...
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