anth200 articles 30, 31

anth200 articles 30, 31 - traditions are similar to the...

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Natalie Del Favero Anth 200 Lab Articles 30 and 31 30. I have heard of the dwarfism and gigantism theories regarding island creatures in many books on evolution. The presence of pygmy elephants living alongside LB1 show that the elephants were affected by the island dwarfism concept. I have watched a few documentaries regarding LB1 and am surprised that this article did not include information about the limbs from other individuals the paleoanthropologists found in the caves. The fact that pieces of multiple individuals were found with the same small stature weakens the microcephaly theory. It is exciting to think that creatures such as LB1 could have lived alongside Homo sapiens in relatively recent history. It is possible that ebu gogo was Homo floresiensis and Indonesian culture kept oral stories of the species alive in tribal tales. I can’t wait to hear about excavations on surrounding islands, such as Sumatra in pursuit of the remains of orang pendek. These oral
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Unformatted text preview: traditions are similar to the North American bigfoot mystery, which could have been historical sightings of Gigantopithecus. 31. • It is fascinating that the enlargement of the human brain and the presence of the hypoglossal canal evolved at the same time. Does this mean that language is directly associated with large brain size? I wonder what force led to the evolution of language and the position of the adult human larynx. Could the position of the larynx be a random mutation that developed accidentally in Homo sapiens? • It seems reasonable that Neanderthals had the ability of speech, although I’m sure it was not as advanced as our own complicated languages today. It was insightful to read that language has great internal power through the use of thought and planning. The subconscious thinks using language, and without any language to think in, we would not have thoughts, or at least very complicated ones....
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anth200 articles 30, 31 - traditions are similar to the...

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