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Natalie Del Favero Anth 200 Through a Window : Summary Jane Goodall’s novel, Through a Window , explores her field study in Tanzania’s Gombe National Forest observing chimpanzee lifestyle. Goodall persuades the reader that chimpanzees are much like humans in aspects of their relationships, priorities, emotions, and even their struggle for power. However, towards the end of the book Goodall declares the major differences between our evolutionary cousins and our way of life. She points out that humans have created evil alongside the path to a much larger brain. Humans are the only animals who can harvest a desire to inflict suffering or pain upon another being. Of course there is pain and sorrow felt by chimpanzees, but it is not intentionally caused by one of their own. Also, the gift of language is unique to our species, Homo sapiens. Chimpanzees are limited in their gestures and community calls and alarms, but still understand each other in a way in which is most basic. These
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