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9-16 anth263 - examining Sara Baartmen for purely...

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Natalie Del Favero Anth 263 Week 9/16 Questions: 1. Kuehnast’s reading on visual imperialism was interesting when hitting on the topic of gender roles. What are some of the differences in character assignment a male director would have versus a female director in a film based on their own personal view of gender roles in American society? 2. Was Sara Baartman looked upon as a sexual object or was she shunned for being different? Were the British and French males
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Unformatted text preview: examining Sara Baartmen for purely scientific reasons or were they sexually intrigued by her exotic nature? 3. The field of anthropology emerged in the 19 th century due to colonialism, imperialism and capitalism. Was there a title given to the field before these expansions? Scholars must have been interested in “primitive” cultures prior to the 19 th century, what kinds of studies did they carry out then?...
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