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4 questions - Natalie Del Favero Anth 263 Week 11/4...

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Natalie Del Favero Anth 263 Week 11/4 Questions: 1. I find it contradictory that many members of the Black community disassociate with middle-class or well-off African-Americans, yet they argue that they want equal opportunities and are restricted from those available to Whites. Why is the stereotypical persona of a Black person someone who is poor? What happens to the financially stable African- Americans who have been “kicked out” of their communities? 2. I thought it was funny in the film “Black Is…Black Ain’t” when the little boy in the classroom said that it “brought him back” when he thought about Africa. Although this comment was very cute, it conveys a great message about the subconscious of the stereotypical Black person’s mind. I find that most African-Americans consider the prejudice and segregation their ancestors encountered as their pain too. I can sympathize, and learn about the civil rights movement, but as a citizen of society, I have never had an issue with racism. I agree that learning history is very important,
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