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Natalie Del Favero Anth 263 Week 11/11 Questions: 1.) I find it interesting that Tuan’s article states that you don’t have to know your heritage language in order to be considering authentic. Personally, I think you do. I am Italian-American and I don’t go spreading around that I am authentic Italian because I wasn’t born there, I do not speak the language and I’m not an expert on the culture. However, I can say that I am authentically Italian-American; I speak the language, was born in America, and regularly participate in American culture. Why are people so keen to mark themselves as outsiders? 2.) The interesting thing about this minority paradox is that if minorities stopped labeling themselves as minorities, this racism idea might start to blow over. Of course there is the influence of the non-minorities and they would have to do their share, but as many negative connotations that come along with the term “minority,” there are also some perks which they are not willing to give up. For example, college scholarships for students of
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Unformatted text preview: certain ethnic background or “minorities”. This drives me crazy! I may have a lighter skin color, but I’ve had a full-time job and been in school since the 8 th grade in order to get to college, I’ve grown up in Oakland where the living was rough, and I’ve maintained straight A’s all the way. From the perspective of a “white girl,” it was upsetting for me to see tons of scholarship money being sent out to students solely based on their skin color, while I had to go to community college after all of my achievements. Do you think that leveling out the playing field for opportunities such as college admittance, scholarships, and even jobs would help erase racism? 3.) What is authentic? Who cares? I honestly do not care if someone considers themselves to be “authentic Chinese” or “authentic Russian.” Authenticity comes from persuading yourself of what you are; it is an internal battle. Should it matter if someone is authentic or not? And who is to decided what is?...
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