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Language, Gender, and Identity Politics Key Terms: “nappy:” an in-group descriptor of tightly curled hair; often used disparingly to describe kinky, curly, or what some call “bad hair;” known as “the other n-word” counterdiscourse: opposing perspectives emerge in discourse through such devices as intertextual narratives, descriptions, and epistemic stances; counterdiscourses derive political force as oppositional responses to grand historical narratives; counternarrative: may constitute forms of resistance to “master” or hegemonic storylines; counternarratives act as veiled
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Unformatted text preview: contestations of past and present experiences • relative privilege: an unconscious privilege, typically used to describe European or white accessibility to resources and opportunities • assumed privilege: the idea that status, background or race entitles one to certain resources or opportunities • insider: in association with a certain group, has a common trait, idea or background • outsider: someone who is excluded from a certain group and viewing discourse and/or narrative from an outsider’s perspective...
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