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venus extra credit - with his desires for her and his...

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Natalie Del Favero Anth 263 Extra Credit Venus The play “Venus” performed at Bing Theatre by USC students was a theatrical representation of the life of Sara Baartman, the Hottentot Venus. The play was set in 1810 in mainly London, but also in Paris and South Africa. Sara Baartman was convinced to leave her home in South Africa to become a part of a circus brigade in Europe. Baartman was promised good treatment and gold as an African dancer. Little did she know that she would be objectified and examined by European passersby and scholars. The play established a legitimate environment that Sara Baartman probably experienced in real life while at the circus. In the play, Baartman was bought by a Parisian scholar who fell in love with her and was in constant conflict
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Unformatted text preview: with his desires for her and his reputation as a renowned scholar. Ultimately the scholar’s ego won out and he had Baartman jailed for “indecency” until her death from Chlamydia. “Venus” was a very pessimistic play that encapsulated the objectification of the “other” during Europe’s period of colonization and imperialism. As a member of the audience, I felt as though the play was way too long and I found myself becoming bored. However, the play was true to Anthropology 263’s course themes of fetishism, racism and objectification. I would not recommend this play to a friend, but it was a good experience as a supplement to this course....
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venus extra credit - with his desires for her and his...

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