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Natalie Del Favero Clas280 Discussion Section Assignment 1.) The speaker of this passage is Tiresias, the seer who remains in the underworld. Odysseus journeyed to him for prophecy regarding his nostos. Tiresias notifies Odysseus that his nostos will not be complete with the simple act of arriving home, he will need to journey out again to spread his newfound knowledge of seafaring to the farmlands. This passage is significant because it prophecizes the end of the Odyssey and encompasses Odysseus’ discontent with his homecoming. Odysseus is
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Unformatted text preview: somewhat restless, and he realizes that his nostos does not end at the sight of Ithaca. 2.) Penelope is the speaker of this passage and is weighing her options on whether to remain faithful and wait for Odysseus or move on and marry another suitor. Penelope’s subtle message is stating that there is a third option, killing her own son. This thought process is apparent in her simile of Pandareus and her ill-fated son Itylus....
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