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Unformatted text preview: StudyGuideforMonday   1. Make sure you are aware of the important Greek words and their meanings in English (e.g. aristos,aristeia,themis,hetairoi,boule,demos,menis  2. Go through carefully some theoretical issues that have been discussed [e.g. oral formulaic theory, important facts about various historical periods  (e.g. dating of the Trojan war, composition of the Homeric poems, emergence of city ­state/polis e.t.c.), heroic code of conduct,Homericpolitics,Themis,Aristeiae.t.c.) 3. Gothroughyourreadings focusing on important passages andin particular those discussedin lectures/section,inorderto identifypassages(Book1:FightbetweenAchillesandAgamemnon, Book 6: Hector and his mother Hecuba/ Hector and Andromache scene, Book 9: Embassy to Achilles, Book 12: Sarpedon formulating the essence of the Heroic Code, Book 16: Patroclus  reproach of Achilles, Patroclus  Aristeia and Death by Apollo/Hector, Book 18: The Shield of Achilles,Book22:HectorandAchillesBook24:AchillesandPriam) 4. Knowingwellyourreadingswillalsohelp youansweringquestions thattestyourknowledgeof thestory/plot(e.g.ofwhichheroesdoestheembassytoAchillesconsistof?WhydoesAchilles request a new armor? Who fashions the shield of Achilles? Who Kills Patroclus? What is the name of Achilles / mother? What is the name of Hector goddesspreventsAchillesfromkillingAgamemnoninBook1?WhichGodsareonthesideofthe Greeks/whichon thesideoftheTrojans?  Intheembassyscene,whoseargumentisthemost complexrhetorically/whoseisdidactic/whoseisthemorecrudebutappealsto Achilles ofmind?)  FormatofyourQuiz: Multiplechoicequestions(40%)andIDpassages(60%) Duration:10 ­15min.      ...
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