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Chapter 19 19.1 Global Change and Earth System Science: An Overview 2 goals of Earth sciences: 1. Understand how Earth works and how it evolved from a landscape of barren rock to the complex landscape dominated by life we see today 2. Apply that understanding to better manage our environment 19.2 Tools for Studying Global Change The Geologic Record Sediment deposited in lakes, glaciers, ocean etc. are like the pages of a history book Organic material with sediment can be dated This material can also show scientists about past life, climate, etc. Analyze air bubbles in glacial ice to see CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere This air can be as old as 160,000 years Real-Time Monitoring Real-time monitoring: collect data while the process is occurring Methods for monitoring vary with what is being monitored Mathematical Models Use of numerical means to represent real-world phenomena and linkages and interactions between processes involved Global Circulation Models (GCMs) Predict changes in atmospheric circulation at a global level Data is arranged into cells (area about the size of Oregon) Provide info necessary to evaluate Earth as a system and point out what we can do to better the future 19.3 Earth’s Atmosphere and Climate Change Climate- characteristic atmospheric conditions (weather) at a particular region over time periods from seasons to decades
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Global circulation and moving air masses in the atmosphere produce major climactic zones
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Chapter_19_Outline-1 - Chapter 19 19.1 Global Change and...

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