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Betsy DeLong – LB Breakwater The Long Beach breakwater is the longest in the world. True The Long Beach breakwater a) has eliminated the natural waves depriving Long Beach of the cleansing action of tides b) to remove it would bring back a natural circulation into the Long Beach Harbor c) to remove it would lead to improved water quality, will allow animals to enjoy a better living condition, and provide surfing waves d) all of the above e) none of the above. Lera Pentelute – Depleted Uranium Depleted uranium has been and is being used by the US and its allies in the war in Iran. F Toxic dust from depleted uranium munitions is quickly dissolved and removed by rain. F Cancer and birth defects were increased by 600% in the world region where depleted uranium was used in munitions T Matthew Freitas – Piezoelectricity Piezoelectricity in minerals was first used a) to power cars b) on dance floors c) to detect submarines d) to measure the pressure of atomic bombs e) all of the above Natural piezoelectric materials include
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Unformatted text preview: a) feldspar, mica, and magnetite b) galena, pyrite, and cinnabar c) diamond, graphite, and calcite d) quartz, topaz, and cane sugar e) all of the above Chris Connelly – Florida Keys and Environmental Issues The Florida Keys consists of over 17,000 islands. True A major environmental issue in the Florida Keys is a) nuclear waste b) saltwater incursion c) pollution from household toilets and sinks d) volcanic emissions e) all of the above The Keys are using microorganisms to break down harmful organic compounds found in the water. False (using aeration) Clark Haber – NYC and Environmental Issues New York City releases far more greenhouse gasses than the national average. False New York City uses more electricity than Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Francisco combined False New York City continues to have environmental problems related to a) waste disposal b) sea level rise c) a 1950 oil spill d) air quality e) all of the above...
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Clicker_Questions_-_Last_Presentations - a) feldspar, mica,...

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