Crises Exam 2A '10

Crises Exam 2A'10 - Name CRISES OF A PLANET GEOL 108 EXAM 2 VERSION A TA Maximum Points = 377 TRUE/FALSE(2 points each Designate which statements

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TA______________________ CRISES OF A PLANET - GEOL 108 October 21, 2010 EXAM 2, VERSION A Maximum Points = 377 TRUE/FALSE (2 points each) Designate which statements are TRUE or FALSE by filling in the A (true) or B (false) blank on the SCANTRON answer sheet. 1. Deposition by a stream occurs on the mostly on the outside of a turn. 2. Floodplains are flat surfaces adjacent to rivers formed by deposition during floods. 3. Erosion and deposition are equally balanced along lower (downstream) portions of a stream's longitudinal profile. 4. The average annual probability of a 50-year flood at a given location is 2%. 5. Our present day atmosphere is principally composed of nitrogen and oxygen with minor amounts of H 2 O, CO 2 , and other compounds. 6. Natural rain water has a pH = 7. 7. Acid rain has a pH near 14. 8. Ground-level ozone forms from sunlight interacting with nitrous oxide. 9. Atmospheric CO 2 increases during the Fall and Winter and decreases during the Spring and Summer. 10. The flat erosion surface formed at the edges of retreating desert mountains is termed desert pavement. 11. The steep side of a sand dune or ripple mark is on the upwind side. 12. Wind shadow deserts form on the downwind side of mountain ranges. 13. Sub-tropical deserts occur along equatorial latitudes. 14. Aretes are large U-shaped valleys carved by glaciers. 15. The only significant period of glaciation on the Earth was during the Pleistocene. 16. The existence of fiords is evidence that glaciers can erode well below sea level. 17. Chlorofluorocarbons release dangerous levels of fluorine and chlorine forming acid rain. 18. Upper atmospheric ozone is created by lightning. 19. Sand accumulated on the north side of a groin indicates that the direction of longshore drift is to the north. 20. Ocean waves that have a long wavelength will generate surf farther from shore than those with a short wavelength. 21. The fact that the Hawaiian Islands young to the southeast indicates that the Pacific Plate is moving in the opposite direction. 22. Spits form from the accumulation of sand in coastal sand dunes. 23. Marine terraces are depositional landforms. 24. Beaches are delicately balanced and unnatural modification can cause severe disruption to the stability of coastal landforms. 25. Longshore currents are constant in direction all year. 26. Water contracts upon freezing. 27. Exfoliation joints result from compression. 28. The "C" horizon is a soil profile rich in organic material. B. MULTIPLE CHOICE (3 points each) On the SCANTRON sheet, mark the letter corresponding to the correct answer beginning with number 51. 51. Streams that are low on their longitudinal profile have a) erosion balanced by deposition. 1
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Crises Exam 2A'10 - Name CRISES OF A PLANET GEOL 108 EXAM 2 VERSION A TA Maximum Points = 377 TRUE/FALSE(2 points each Designate which statements

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