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Chapter 18 Air Pollution 18.1- Intro to Air Pollution Atmosphere is a resource for chemical elements and a a medium for depositing wastes o Early photosynthetic plants dumped waste product in atmosphere Oxygen rich air! Industrialization has rapidly increased air pollution 18.2 Pollution of the Atmosphere Pollutants that enter the atmosphere may be degraded by natural processes within the atmosphere as it may become pollutants in the hydrologic and geochemical cycle o Ex- Acid rain Beginning with Industrial Revolution, air pollution became more noticeable o Smog= smoke and fog Today- pollution is a serious health hazard o Ruins human artifacts o Damages aesthetics 18.3 Sources of Air Pollution 2 sources o stationary - fixed locations fugitive source - generate pollution from open areas exposed to wind point source - pollution from controllable site
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area source - location that emit air pollutants from several sources within a well defined area o mobile source - move from place to place with yielding emissions 18.4 Air Pollutants major pollutants occur in a gaseous form or as particlate matter AIR TOXINS air pollutnats known to cause cancer or serious health problems classified by o whether they cause cancer o tendency to cause respiratory, reproductive, neurological or immune disease PRIMARY AND SECONDARY POLLUTANTS Primary- emitted directly into the air o Major ones are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, particulates and volatile organic compounds Secondary- produced when primary pollutants react with normal atmospheric compounds SULFUR DIOXIDE Colorless and odorless Undergoes oxidation to form sulfuric acid Caused by fossil fuel burning, primarily coal o And industrial processes Destructive effects- paint and metal corrosion, plant injury, lung damage
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GEOLCH18OUTLINE - Chapter 18 Air Pollution 18.1 Int ro to...

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