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Quiz 3A DL SEC _ _ __ Quiz Grade: 02/8/10 Last 6 digits of student ID __ __ __ __ __ __ Last name, first name: ________________ ________________ First three letters of your last name __ __ __ Useful formulae: Δ E th =mc p Δ T; Δ E bond =±| Δ m Δ H|; PE grav =mgh; KE= ½ mv 2 ; PE S-M = ½ kx 2 ; E total = sum of all relevant energies; Δ E open = Σ Δ E i = Q+W; Δ E closed = Σ Δ E i = 0 1. A large box slides down a hill at a constant speed from a height h i to a height h f . In 7A we have discussed the energies in the equations above. Consider a large enough physical system so that it is a closed system. Choose the energies that are important in this problem and graph them, to the right, as functions of the height, h . Be sure to label h i , h f , and the name of each energy that you graph and be sure to graph E total . Hint, note that this sliding box is moving at a constant speed and so this is a little like the coffee filter that you saw fall at a constant speed in DL. Answer:
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