Quiz 6a _solution_

Quiz 6a _solution_ - P7A Quiz6a DL Sec_ Name (last)_...

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P7A Quiz6a DL Sec ___ Name ( last ) _______________________ ( first ) ____________________ |__|__|__| Student ID _________________________ first 3 letters last name I certify by my signature that I will abide by the code of academic conduct of the University of California. Signature ________________________________________ NOTE: As always, you will be graded on the quality of your response. Formulas and Data on back Rubric Codes: 1. The potential energy of a pair of atoms is shown below. If the maximum KE they reach is 2.5x10 -22 J, find or estimate using the graph the following quantities: E tot , r min , r max (if bound). Also state the equilibrium separation. Use the chart below, show any work or calculations, and be sure to include units in your answer. Quantity Estimate E tot Since the maximum KE happens at PE min =-1x10 -21 J, the total energy in the system is: E tot =PE min +KE max =-10 -21 +0.25x10 -21 =-0.75x10 -21 . This total energy is constant. I ve indicated it with the purple line. r
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Quiz 6a _solution_ - P7A Quiz6a DL Sec_ Name (last)_...

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