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1. You sampled PM 2.5 using an active sampler. The air was collected at a rate of approximately 2 Wmin. The initial flow reading was 2.09 LJmin and the final flow reading was 1.87 Llmin. You sampled for 24 hours. The initial filter mass was 0.1001 g and the final mass was 0.1007 g. What was the concentration of PM 2.5 in ug/mA3? voIme OF 4;r = 2.0?%".+/.87L/nh Z$ h a 60q.', 2 9Sl 2 h= hoSs ~~O~C/Z-C = 0. /do 73 - b./Oo/j f 0. oodd3 OL /O'A 210 cm*ra;m : 523 -2 051 &x 0 = 43/h3 fj 2. You plan to measure benzene using a thermal deso~ption tube. The chemist t>
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Unformatted text preview: you that the lowest amount of benzene that the GC/MS can detect is 0.03 micrograms. In addition, she tells you that the tube runs the risk of being "overloaded" if it has more than 5 micrograms on it. You are running a study to look at the concentrations in homes. The literature tells you that typical home concentrations range between 1 and 50 ug/mA3. You would like to collect the sample for 24 hours. What would be a good flow rate to select to ensure that you have enough mass on the tube to detect the benzene, but not so much as to overload the tube?...
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