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Fluid Problem Solutions - Fluid Transport Practice Problem...

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Fluid Transport Practice Problem Solutions John McRaven Figure 1: This pipe will be used for all the problems Figure 1 will be used for the following problems. The section between M- O has resistance, and the section between Q-S has resistance. The resistance is not necessarily the same. The rest of the pipe has no resistance. Points E and H are open to atmosphere. The main fluid is water, with a density of 1000 kg/m 3 and the fluid be- tween D and E is oil, with a density of 860 kg/m 3 . 1
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The cross sectional area of the pipe is square at every point. So, if W is the width of the pipe at some point, the area at that point, A will be A = W 2 . The widths are to scale, but here are some of the numbers just to help: W A = 1 . 5 m W B = W D = W E = W F = W G = W H = W J = W L = W Q = W R = W S = W T = 1 m W K = . 5 m W C = W I = 2 . 5 m W M = W N = W O = 3 m W P = 2 m It is a very complicated fluid circuit, but in most cases I will try to break it in to simple problems. Unless otherwise stated, consider each problem to be independent. This means that if you are given numbers in one problem, they will not necessarily still be valid in the next problem. Don’t try to solve something using a number from another problem unless you are told you should. In most cases, sections in the same section will use the same basic method for coming up with a solution. Don’t worry about doing all the problems in a section if you feel you understand the method well enough. 1 Velocities Q1. Rank the velocity of the fluid at each point. A1.
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Fluid Problem Solutions - Fluid Transport Practice Problem...

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