Practice-Quiz5-1 - What about just after? Explain briefly....

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Physics 7B Practice Quiz 5 Grade: DL Section: Name: _______________________ ID: _______________________ I certify by my signature that I will abide by the code of academic conduct of the University of California. Signature No books or notes. Calculators OK. Show all your work below. Answers alone do not receive credit! 1. You are riding your bike, and texting. Another student, riding her bike in the opposite direction, is also texting. You both have a speed of 3 m/s. You collide head on, and become a single, tangled mass. Fortunately you are wearing helmets so you are not seriously hurt. Your mass plus that of your bike is 60 kg. The other student’s mass, plus the mass of her bike, is 120 kg. (Big backpack.) a. (2.0 pts) What is the total momentum of the two of you plus bikes just before the collision?
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Unformatted text preview: What about just after? Explain briefly. b. (2.5 pts) Draw a complete momentum chart (with actual numbers in the cells) of the situation before and after the collision. From it, determine the impulse the other student imparts to you ? momentum: p = m v impulse = change in momentum 2 Solution: a. Your total momentum is (60 kg)(3 m/s) = 180 kg-m/s. That of the other cyclist is 360 kg-m/s, but in the opposite direction. Thus the total momentum is 180 kg-m/s, in the direction of the other cyclist. b. We can write the momentum chart as follows: initial change fnal you other cyclist total 180 kg-m/s-240 kg-m/s-60 kg-m/s-360 kg-m/s +240 kg-m/s-120 kg-m/s-180 kg-m/s-180 kg-m/s Thus the impulse of the other student on you is -240 kg-m/s (that is, in the direction opposite your initial motion)....
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Practice-Quiz5-1 - What about just after? Explain briefly....

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