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Physics 7B S10 Quiz 4 Rubric:__________________ Student ID: ___________ Name: _________ , _________ Sec #: ____ Last First Useful Equations: Δ V=E-IR; τ =RC; P=-k A Δ T / L; j=-D Δ c / Δ x; Δ E Bond = Δ m Δ H; Δ V=Q/C 1) For each case, determine if the change in the quantity is exponential and explain. A) Ice is contained in a Styrofoam container and is melting, as in the FNT problem you did. The temperature of the ice is 0° C, while the temperature outside is 30° C. Does the bond energy of the ice, E Bond , change exponentially while the ice is melting? Check an answer then explain briefly. Yes: & No: & B) In DL, you filled a piece of dialysis tubing with a sucrose solution, then placed it in distilled water and watched osmosis happen. Did the concentration of water in the dialysis
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