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Torque 1 - acting on the man Gravity 800 N down...

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Practice Quiz 8 Physics 7B Winter 2010 Mar. 03, 2010 A 2 m tall 80 kg man is leaning against a smooth (frictionless) wall. The axis from his shoulder to his shoes makes a 60 degree angle with respect to the horizontal. This axis is 170cm. The man’s center of gravity is 100 cm from his feet. Assume that there is a frictional force between the floor and the man’s shoes. a) Indicate the magnitude and direction of the various forces
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Unformatted text preview: acting on the man. Gravity 800 N down Normal (floor) 800 N up Normal (wall) 272 N left Friction (floor) 272 right b) Indicate the magnitudes and directions of the torques acting on the man. About the pivot on the floor: Gravity 400 Nm clockwise Normal (wall) 400 Nm counter clockwise You can all pivot about the center of gravity if you like....
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