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Differential Equations 1. determine whether or not the following functions are linearly independent or not 2. one solution given, use reduction formula (don't have to check if linearly independent) 4.3. homogeneous constant coefficient. degree two only (might have 3 probes) 4. non homogeneous, find particular solution, and general solution (not going to have anything in the form (x+1)e^2x but might have (x+1+e^x) 5. variation Linear Algebra ch 2 (deterements) 4(vector space)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. for a given matrix A find Minor21 and Cofactor 21 (see curio) 2. find the determinant for the following matrices 3. use cramer's rule to solve the following system 4. 4.1 given vectors u,v find u+v, norm V distance, etc 5 find the standard matrix 6. determined whether or not the following linear transformations is one to one. If it is find the corresponding matrix. 7. find the std matrix like in the last examples in 4.3...
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