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References: Flynn, N. (2006). Blog rules: a business guide to managing policy, public relations, and legal issues. The Futurist, 40, 60. Howell, D. (2006). Business blogging. (small firms are implementing a blogging systems to connect with their customoers). Personal Computer World. Lore, M. (2007). Blogs as marketing tools: lawyers who maintain them say they work. Minnesota Lawyer. Nardi, B., Schiano, D., Gumbrecht, M., & Swartz, L. (2004). Why we blog. Communications of the ACM, 47, 12. Need to know. (focus: small business). (2007). Crain’s Chicago Business, 30,
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Unformatted text preview: 31. Wang, A. Business blogging e-hub: an innovative approach to e-business. Retrieved November 14 th , 2007 from Wood, W., Behling, R., & Haugen, S. (2006). Blogs and business: opportunities and headaches. Retrieved November 14 th , 2007 from hl=zh-CN&lr=& ortunity...
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