Lesson 04 - LESSON 4 Heavyr Timber Frame Construction BEN...

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Unformatted text preview: LESSON 4 Heavyr Timber Frame Construction BEN 1001 Building Construction - Heavv Timber Frame lConstruction Type IV lGonstruction Purlins — creee bracing between — Chapter #4 planes of constructlon -F’gs 135 - 158 Bent — Plane of Framlng. raised Into place and braced with... Von Iiacc i-an'iii_v Lcoge— 31mm ’veririont commonlyI used for assemva and mercantile buildingsI such as schools. churches. auditoriuma. gymnasiums. and supermarkets. Heavy,i Timber - Fire Resistance Heavy Timber - Fire Resistance Floor necks ‘- .. ‘lll'E THESE”): E_ l5 aflall'llfid hill _ shall be- withoul concealed spacesI ei-Ieptthat building service- placing limitations of minimum sizes on wood structural members Eqummm may he emmfied pmuide‘d the Em heed mate .5 fire and 1| 1‘ I bu _ I1 I d H _ d r blocker; or preheated no other aceeptahle means Floor hie-{tics shall — oii iniiiiriiurii 1". noise or LLHTIWE iono wou ours an roue L“: “MW of glut“ Iflrrmmled “lam whmulm mllguud and — avoidance lit-1 CWEEBIN 3 es uncle Iloois someone a: use 0f Ellwmd faileningfiflnstmcmn details_ and adhesim gins-veal of nnt seas than 3 inches nominal in Emcknesa hr of planks _ and b... Framed-n9 the required degree arm-e mistance in emerinr not less il'iar'u 5- niches. Ml'l'lll'lal. ii‘i wldll‘i set on edge and well spike: and irilcliur walls.‘ motlici. i-J'eav].r Timber Gmstrucrion -J'-‘arnerican Forest 31 Paper Association In: Eilaiiiplc of File Resistant construction detail Heavy Timber - Construction Fasteners — Timber Connectors Floor Docks «- Rtrength depends on Roo"s shall be without concealed spaces and roofdec ks shall be _ Hm m m n {un1a;1_'.'.-11htht sax-m or glued laminated splinecl ortongued and grooved planlr_ [mnlgclflr not less than 2 inches nominal. in 1hic|cr1ess or ol' planks not less — Compressive atrmgthoi’the'm than 3 inches nominal in width set on edge and spiked together as reciu iren for floors or of 1.193 inehthicir tnngiien and grooved ‘ “W WW5 '-'l “F'n'lfl'ilul 5' ‘3’": “ml "1 Pwnd handed him Enefinr “name combination with bolts to increase the Heavy T.i'ni'ier flonarrim'm . ihnecican Forest 8. Paper Associatinn In: area or WOW '1 “mpg-33'9" - ONE filfllll. linfl 01' a pair fl'Sl'lBfii' flatfi‘fi l5 U335 W mood-tom come-crops - Ftnltrirlgstiairmm'thci load trnrr. 'mfl 5U mud l'l ULIJII ll‘fl'llflq. aian In: Mill 33KB? N 1131 ' Shoal coi'iierlcrs [thinly over the .‘inl1I and 'l'tfl had F.1la'fifflmlt1 frhl'i CII'E WHEE' lJZI scatter lf'l'fl-fll'l the .'II1H _ d'ine shear date for metal—tom connecva Heayy Timber - Wood Shrinkage Construction details allow for growth along grain with changes in humidity Eira m ple construction detail: Alr gap at ends allow expansion and contraction ' = Securing with two lag bolts at base allow roc King Heayy Timber - Wood Shrinkage Construction details allow for growth along grain with changes in humidity Ema m ple construction I detail: " I - Iron "pintles‘ or steel cabs a?" carry the column loads past ' “In” .. the cross-gram ofthe " beams at each floor. 5|: the beams and girders can shrink without causing the floors and roof to sag Longer Spans in Heayy Timber Heayy Timber - Wood Shrinkage ' Anchorage of Timber Beams and Masonry Walls - Protect from decay caused by moisture seepage by leaving 1s inch air space - Cannol pull air-ray - see detail — Must be free to twist and rotate — see detail "I. * Tyucal ccmrlcctlurls I 1|I|r 3 CDMémWFBW laminaleol wood frame _ The col Illlcycrod flflflfl‘l and I'lll'lie connector save wood by connecting the beams at points of zero bending momer't Ialhcr than at the columns 1o take lull advantage of continuous bendrng action in 1he beams. Combustible Buildings Framed with Heayy Timber natElu Minimums”; maintain—ammonium - m Mimhflmfl‘m - Type IV = Heayy Timber Type y' = Wood nght Frame When HT Is used In conjunction wlth conventional wood framing. the building codes default to the more flammable Type “J. Special considerations must be made for routlng of NC, electrical: and plumbing. as welt as Insulation. BUilding CDdes Uniqueness of Heaigir Timber Framing MWMMM-a Hmm-“flflml—m mum—n “mu-nm'nm 1 Heights Inr HI gremer than unprmemeo sleel lime IIIH - Heights for HT compare to 1 hour protected non combustible Type IIA Assignment * Page 159 Review Questions 1. 2. 3: 3 If you do not understand a questionr email me at [email protected] or through myPHCCedu ...
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Lesson 04 - LESSON 4 Heavyr Timber Frame Construction BEN...

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