Lesson 06 - Lesson 5 Introduction BCN 1001 Building...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson 5 Introduction BCN 1001 Building Construction *5"'9mfihtflrpantrtnamWWW"? . . _ . The eaves. and rakes of the roof are finished. which * Exterior Finishes for 1|.I'tu'ood Frame Farmim” _ Chapter #5 . The roof to be shingled so as to offer as much weather _ P95 221 _ 252 protection as possible to subsequent operaflons. The windows and doors are installed. introd uction Roofi ng As the rough carpean hears complellon'. Finishing the Eaves and Flakes 4. The exterior surface coating (siding. stucco. etc.) Is Root Draln aQE _ _ applied and trimmed to cover the detailing of the “33 Dan“ arid Rom thllat'm windows and doors. 5. Exterior painting or stalnlng covers the surface coallng. 5. Finish grading. landscaping. and paving. Roofing Roofing Roof 1lilientilaiiizun There Is Increasing evldence that In far . Southern cllmstes. roof ventilation may he more ' '- tletrirnentalthan beneficial: Roof 1.rents slim».I the pea sitre entry of exterior humidity. which may condense on the NF Conditioning system Roof 1rents allow penetration of raln water during high winds Roof vents present a wealt spot in the roofing system for high winds to Ioegin damage Roofing As phalt Shingles {anon-n: Wood Shingle Slate Clay and Concrete TIIE Metal $lruclural . Roll and Built-up mm“ ' :3 .. . - ‘ ._ Flat Elm-Jung i +' Rubberized _ . -'~' 6-,”: r Membrane 1' .- -._ Eflnfifiim = __ .. ' plmfieg. _.this picture? mum}. ' '_ 'doegizthé-Zheiling look like one-3th this flashing? Exterior Sheathing Thermal S h eathing Aft—Hr Sh naming: . House is protected in an. Plastm Foam air-light. water-permeable Cane Fiber ‘hguggwraw GIESE Fiber Nail-base Sheathing 05E! F‘lwuooo Board Windows and Doors Windows and Doors - Installing a vinyl-clad windcm - Installing a Itiny-l Llad window 1 U ehep-ed fiae hing is". forde along the Bill and up arm the side jamhs 4 IT iR flfiffimlhr' FirIll-FJTF'Jf‘i ER flll‘lhfir name are rim-En 2 A head of sealal'l'r IS placed around the opening b. Slrlfls I:Il sell HIE-ti.an watenrfiouf Shea are adhered m the side 3. anw I5 pushed in rmm the outside. Flange m beddefl m the jam?“ . . . sealant fine corner ntthe windmill unit is anchored with a hall '5' Elnps arse" 5“: k'ng watemfim 5h?“ are adhere“ m the head I ll? Sldl ngs Board Sid|r=gs (Eloy-oi. Elliotap. Board and Bette-lit * VEHIIIBI 3HIITI|3|II fll'lfl Utilian It'l Batten I'EIZIUII'E.‘ NEII-DBSE titlfifltl'llflfl F-ywood Sidrngs - Ec onomioal Less BIS-eltfii'he‘lfl produce L335 emifii'mtlfl "'IBIEII Can sens as sheathing - Requires 2 flashing at horizontal jnints + Joints must be arranged In an amealrng fashion Shingle Sittings + Labor Intensive rann shhgle sepia-o1er i-rs‘aled Banners are enne'ym-m or moragms‘ a comer scar-:3 a'rd sealer: + Hegurre Nail-base flheath no Sidings When the siding is applied. the building is "tight to the weather." allowing interior finishing work to take place completer sheltered from sun. rain. snow. and wind. Conclusion 'MMDD'I’I' HEAD ulsmran Him __ - 'Illr'li 4|“! a.._ H'EHTrcAL'sromc. FASCIA Sidings Metal and Plastic Sidings Economical Prone to denling or cracking Stucco .- . Strong and Flre Resistant 'r.._...--s Hegulre "Weep Screed" at base to allow water drainage Masonry Veneer Secured Ill‘ttl‘i tron structure 'i'r'ltt'l metal tles Requires WEEP Holes" at base to allow water drainage Surface Coatings Some Typt-zal Coating Spec fin: ations for New Surface Surface Preparation Primer and Top-mats Wood siding. Sand smooth. soot-prime EIIEFIEII alkyd pIirn-cr trimI knots and oibch streaks. and 2 coats latex: paint. window. doors. I I” and gang suflace or 2 coats semitransparent or solid stein olerrrrslres all-er urrrrre eoal stucco M LIE-i be clean and at Ieas: 2 coats Ia1ex Dalf‘ll F days old Deterioration of Surface Coatings Ultraylolm [LN] Elem reamns are stamens elsreerhtfl Water Lun'oerrsldlngr dan'p at one or appllcatlon Rani-rater leakage atjonts Wane: y‘auo' Irrigral'rrg from da'rp‘ interior Others — Oxygen. pollutants. fungi. dirt. degradation of substrate. rneet‘anlual weal Assignment 1 Page 253 Review Questions 1. 3. 4. fit it If you do not understand a question. email me at tomlinmgogghccedu or through myPHCCedu ...
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Lesson 06 - Lesson 5 Introduction BCN 1001 Building...

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