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Why do scientists want to clone animals

Why do scientists want to clone animals - species due to...

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Why do scientists want to clone animals?!?!? No 'evil scientist' scenarios needed... 1. Main reason: The Potential of cloned livestock : (September 1997) Scientific American . Cloning livestock allow for the genetic replication of animals that are expecially high producers of a desired product, allowing for the creation of animal herds that can be farmed for milk, blood and organs: [Image] * Human therapeutic proteins (hormomes, clotting factors, etc) * Organs and tissues for transplants (pigs with blood cell sugars 'knocked out') * 'Humanized' cows milk * Animal models of disease (diabetes, muscualr dystrophy, etc) The big livetock cloners: The Roslin Institute ; Advanced Cell Technology , Cyagra ; ABS Global 2. A second reason: Saving endangered species: Cloning Noah's Ark (November 2000) Scientific American. The inspiring (but sad) story of the cloning of the baby Guar, Noah, a Cow-Guar hybrid. See this week's Good For! (Even sadder than NOT being able to clone endangered species? - the daily extinction of
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Unformatted text preview: species due to the continual, daily habitat destruction for numerous species worldwide ....thanks to humans. ..) 3. A third reason: Cloning your deceased Pet?!?!? Lassie, come home. • The Missyplicity Project is a project funded by John Sperling's Genetic Savings & Clone to produce the first cloned dog. They have invested $2.3 million to produce a clone of a beloved pet dog, Missy, a mixed breed border collie. • 2/14/02 Operation Copycat First Cloned Cat is born . The kitten is a calico-and-white shorthair that looks similar to, but not exactly like, her genetic donor (genetics contribute to an animal's markings, but so do conditions in the womb and environment). • 1/21/03 Copied cat hardly resembles original CC and genetic twin Rainbow, are different in many ways. .. • Wondering what to give that special someone who has everything?? Why not a gift certificate good at any Genetic Savings and Clone?...
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