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cpr assignment 2

cpr assignment 2 - After looking at the graphs titled...

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After looking at the graphs titled the "effects of [O3l]i for ozone" and "effects of [CH3Cl]i for CH3Cl," it can be inferred the higher the initial concentration the faster the reaction rate. The initial concentration does not have an affect on the reaction order since the graphs of the ln [CH3Cl] are all straight lines with the varying concentrations and the graphs of ln [O3] are all negative exponentials for the varying initial concentrations. The initial concentration also doesn't affect the rate constant since the lines in "1/ [O3] Vs. Time with varying [O3]i" are parallel to each other. Reaction rates are also greater with higher temperatures. This is shown in the graph "effect of temperature on rate of ozone decomposition. Since the slope is greater with higher temperatures we can assume that greater temperatures yield faster reactions. Temperature also doesn't affect the overall reaction order because despite variations in temperature the graph of 1/ [O3] vs. time is always a straight line. However the temperature does affect the rate constant since the
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