Midterm1 - Time:3:35to4:55 MAE131A/SE110AFALL2009 Midterm#1

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MAE 131A/SE110A – FALL 2009 Mid term #1 Thursday Oct. 22, 2009 Time: 3:35 to 4:55 Problem 1 (5 points) Consider a bar of rectangular cross-section subjected to an axial force that produces an axial stress of 50MPa. a. (1.5 points): If the normal cross-sectional area (light blue) is 15,000mm 2 , find the area of a section inclined at an angle of 30 degree with respect vertical axis, as shown in Figure 1. b. (1.5 points): Find the normal and shear stresses acting on the inclined section in terms of the total force P . c. (2 points) If the upper and lower sections are glued on the inclined section and the glue can carry 500kPa normal stress, find the maximum value of the force P that can be applied. Problem 2 (6 points) A wooden post of cross-sectional area 16in² and a steel bar of cross- sectional area 0.5in² are connected to a rigid plate. The elastic modulus of the wood and the steel are 1,900ksi and 29,000ksi, respectively. At the rigid plate between the two members, a concentrated load of 12kips is applied downward. Neglect the
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Midterm1 - Time:3:35to4:55 MAE131A/SE110AFALL2009 Midterm#1

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