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Topic+13.+Predation - Topic 13 Predation I Kinds of...

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Topic 13: Predation I. Kinds of Predation (+ - ) A. Predation proper : Predator kills animal prey relatively quickly, lion eats gazelle, etc. Examples earlier (Topic 3). Sometimes “carnivore” used for these. B. Herbivory : plants are eaten. Examples earlier (Topic 3). C. Parasitism : Def: Host not killed quickly but exploited somehow. Host loses health, weight, offspring, may die eventually. Examples: 1. pathogens (cause disease) -- Myxoma virus (Topic 4). 2. parasitoids : lay eggs on or in host (larva slowly kills host) -- Lariophagus and many other wasps (Topic 10), some flies. 3. Ectoparasites : Def. on the surface of hosts: ticks, mites, fleas, mosquitoes. And some say insect herbivores that eat leaves are ectoparasites. Class: Do you see why? 4. Brood parasites – An interesting special case. Def --parasitic bird lays eggs in nest of another species and the latter raises the parasite’s young. a. egg mimicry. Example in which cuckoos are the parasites. The parasite’s eggs resemble those of the host but are bigger. slide Some cuckoo species are polymorphic (each morph specializes on a different species of host) -- grey lines on slide separate species of cuckoos – and this is genetically based.
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