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Topic 20: Climate Change I. We saw a distribution of biome types over the Earth’s surface (Topic 17) . Humans affect it by clearing for agriculture and development, destroying habitat. They also will affect it if they change climate. Do they? The whole problem of climate change has fairly recently been addressed and re-evaluated in a large series of reports under the United Nations. slide II. Theory. The “greenhouse effect:” slide Certain gases, especially carbon dioxide, but also methane and nitrous oxide, as well as water vapor, absorb heat (infrared range) emitted from the earth’s surface. This is then radiated back to the surface instead of escaping into outer space. III. Four questions about climate change: A. Is there evidence that climate variables have changed markedly in recent years? B. Is there evidence that greenhouse gases have increased markedly in recent years, and that this was caused by humans? C. How bad will the situation get in the future, both if we do nothing significant about it, and if we are really trying hard to prevent further deterioration starting tomorrow? D. Because we are ecologists, we ask what are the specific consequences of climate change for biome types and species conservation?
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IV. Evidence that climatic variables have changed. Slide of 3 variables A. Temperature. The total temperature increase in last 150 years is 0.76º C. Last decade was warmest on record. Some have
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Topic+20.+Climate+change - Topic 20: Climate Change I. We...

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