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Topic 17: Biomes I. Two definitions; A. Biome type . Def -- A type of vegetation on the Earth’s surface, e.g. tropical rainforest, desert (“biome type” is sometimes called “ecosystem,” but the latter is a more general term typically – see Topic 1 ) B. Biome . Def -- A specific geographic example of a biome type, e.g. N. Am. desert, Australian rainforest. II. Examples from slides A. Desert of New Mexico (southwest desert biome) B. Tropical rainforest, various examples from around the world III. Distribution of worldwide biome types slide Also see textbook, Fig. 3.5. IV. Holdridge showed how biome types fall out on temperature/precipitation plot. slide. Also see textbook, Fig. 3.4. Temperature and precipitation explain a lot, but sometimes one also needs to know:
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Unformatted text preview: A. Seasonality of rainfall. Dashed line in slide. If rainfall is seasonal, get more woody vegetation; otherwise get grassland. B. Soil type: rocky soils don’t hold water that well – this gives vegetation that would otherwise grow in areas with less precipitation. V. We can look at the productivity and biomass of biome types: Biome type Net Primary Productivity Plant Biomass (% world) g/m 2-yr (% world) Tropical rainforest 22 % 1000-3500 42% Tropical seasonal 7 14 (= deciduous) forest Tropical savanna 8 3 All terrestrial, 60% 99.8% fresh water All marine (mostly 40% 0.2% * open ocean) Open ocean 2-400 Yet marine has 70% of Earth’s surface *Class: remember the inverted biomass pyramid in the ocean (Topic 16), not much phytoplankton biomass....
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Topic+17.+Biomes - A Seasonality of rainfall Dashed line in...

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