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Preliminaries 1. Info sheet handout gives me an idea of who you are and backgrounds. Please fill out even if you are only going to audit. 2. I am Tom Schoener, 6314 Storer Hall. Office hours W 11-12, R 4-5 or by appointment. 3. TA is Ryan Briscoe Runquist, 2320 Storer Hall (adjacent to main desk on second floor). Office hrs T 2-3, W 2-3 or by appointment. The reader (who does some of the grading) is Amber Szoboszlai. 4. Class structure. Lectures over 1.5 periods, so will try for a break somewhere near the middle, the exact location to be determined by subject breaks. It is a “small” class, so ask questions. 5. Today you are getting copies of the instructor’s “Classical Notes,” Topics 1 and 2. After Topic 2, you will be expected to print out the notes yourself (if you wish) – they will not be distributed in class. The notes will be available on the class website before class, so you will have time to copy them and be able to bring them to class and write on them. Note that there is plenty of space to take notes on additional things I will say that are not in the printed notes. Please be advised that the notes WILL NOT CONTAIN everything I say in class, or that is important for the course. Nor will the notes contain most of the Power Point slides or graphs; you have to come to class to look at them (these are mostly copyrighted so can’t be distributed). In addition, there will be 10 handouts; these will always be distributed in class, but in addition will be on the web site. You don’t have to print out these handouts if you are coming to class. 6.
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Lecture+1.+Preliminaries+and+scope_corrected - Topic 1:...

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