BSHS Journal entry Week 1

BSHS Journal entry Week 1 - Mohit Patel BSHS 322 Journal...

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Mohit Patel BSHS 322 Journal Entry Week 1 The first week of this course was very educational, what a great way to start a course. However, I felt like it was overwhelming at the first two days of this course, due to all the assignments but im looking forward to learning and sharing my thoughts with my class mates. This week we learned how communication skill is critical in Human Service fields. Dealing with client on regular basis calls for skilled interpersonal skills. Topics like thoughts when entering interview, diversity of clients and their background, creating trust and respect in communication, as well as the text exercise by giving specific scenarios. Also, the learning team was a great experience in previous class and looking forward to the same experience in this course. So far im satisfied with the team members and im sure we will make a great addition to this class. TEXT EXERCISES Exercise 1.1 Characteristics of Helpful People Think about someone who has helped you in the past—a friend, teacher, neighbor, minister, therapist. Make a list of some of the person’s characteristics that you found particularly helpful. Compare your list with those of your colleagues. Of all the helpful characteristics on everyone’s list, which ones do you find in yourself and which ones do you want to develop? In your journal, record specific ways in which you need to change to be a more helpful person. List specific steps you would need to take to make these changes. -- Some characteristic I lack are honesty and trustworthy, courage, forgiving. And in order to help others (clients) I need to improve in these areas. I will make people know that im trustworthy by sharing each others secrets and keeping it to itself. As well as clearing any doubts they might have had about me in past. Taking their word as truth and filled with honesty. Also, I will stand firm to my beliefs, even when something threatens to behold my beliefs, to improve on my courage. Forgiveness is a characteristic of a good person. I will learn to let go the anger and bitterness. And to flush the toxins to better enjoy lives . E X E R C I S E 1.2 By Any Other Name Following is a list of terms used to describe the role of a clinical interviewer. Each may have different meanings or nuances for different people. Apply each term to yourself, and as you do so, notice any change in your feelings about or perception of yourself. Record these feelings in your journal. If you were a client, how would you feel seeing a professional with each of these labels?
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Interviewer- I think of an interviewer who is superior and a professional in their field. And they are there to evaluate a person on professional level Case manager- a case managers are people who record and keeps track of the progress or any activities on daily basis as well as assisting with any needs. Provider – provider is a broad term where the person is consider as a helper, who is
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BSHS Journal entry Week 1 - Mohit Patel BSHS 322 Journal...

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