BSHS Journal entry Week 2

BSHS Journal entry Week 2 - E X E R C I S E 3.2...

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E X E R C I S E 3.2 Nonattending Ask a friend to have a conversation with you. Videotape it if you can. After a minute or two of talking, purposefully withdraw your attention. You might look away, look at your watch, cross your arms, or tap your foot. Notice what happens to the conversation. If you videotaped the conversation, watch the video together. Ask your friend what it felt like when you stopped attending. So, I asked my close friend to tell me what’s going on between him and his girlfriend, and I asked my other friend to record us. As the conversation started we were sitting across each other @ restaurant table. I listened closely to him and looked right at him, but after few minutes I started messing with my phone and he stopped for a moment. And after that, his conversation went little slow and he stopped telling me the story. Then I confronted to him that this was a test, he stated to me that he felt ignored and unimportant. E X E R C I S E 3.5 Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall Spend 5 minutes in front of a video camera acquainting yourself with the subtleties of your facial expressions. If you do not have access to a video camera, use a mirror. Relax your face completely, noting what your face looks and feels like when you are completely at rest. See how it looks and feels when you are happy, when you are unhappy, when you want to look inquisitive, or show disapproval. Record in your journal what you learned by observing your facial expressions. Through this exercise I learned how people’s emotions shows up on one’s face, either by the facial expression or eyes movements. As a model, I have ad a photo shoot where I had to do bunch of emotional faces to capture the image, then all the different facial expression was combined into one image making it a collage. I saw how person’s facial expression tells one a whole story. E X E R C I S E 3.8 Paralinguistic Cues Practice saying the following sentences with different tones, speed, emphasis, and other paralinguistic cues. Demonstrate how the same words can convey different meanings. Are there any other solutions to this problem? This sentence could come across sarcastic and demanding. But it could also convey as seeking help or feeling helpless Tomorrow is Christmas. – This sentence is mostly read as excitement and joyful. But for some it could be stressful, thinking that the holiday is tomorrow and there are things that need to be done and not enough time. Mrs. Jorgensen wants me to come to school tomorrow morning at 7 A.M. – This could be very nerve racking, knowing that a person (child) could get in trouble is parent finds out something. OR it could be an excitement due to child’s good doings in school. E X E R C I S E 3.13
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BSHS Journal entry Week 2 - E X E R C I S E 3.2...

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