BSHS Journal entry Week 4

BSHS Journal entry Week 4 - Mohit Patel Journal entry 4...

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Mohit Patel Journal entry 4 11/20/2010 BSHS322 This week we learned how to refocus client if they drifted off in conversation, and how to use HS strategies to calmly redirect the client to the initial conversation. Also, how someone has helped changed my view on something and how was it helpful and what were the consequences. Usually when dealing with client we will get to more than we want to hear, however I see it as a positive feedback, because we should get to know client as much possible to better serve them and remove their barriers. In the learning team project I am working on the PowerPoint slides, I had done a little research but still working on it. Our behavior changing technique is “homework” and there is little to less information on it, especially with the behavior problem we choose. Over all this week was busy for me, and was not really able to participate much due to personal reasons, im hoping to do well in the last week. E X E R C I S E 8.1 Identifying Behaviors to Change Think of three problematic behaviors that you would like to change in yourself. Be as concrete and specific as possible. In what contexts does each behavior occur? Note any precipitants or triggers that set off the unwanted behaviors. What are the current consequences of each behavior? What reinforces each behavior, and what makes you want to change it? What specific skills or behavioral sequences would you need to learn to change the behavior? What resources do you have for making the change? After
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BSHS Journal entry Week 4 - Mohit Patel Journal entry 4...

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