BSHS Journal entry Week 5

BSHS Journal entry Week 5 - Mohit Patel Journal entry 5...

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Mohit Patel 11/29/2010 Journal entry 5 BSHS322 This week we learned bout the relationships with our clients and how to maintain the professional relationship. And I shared that I would like to be a deputy of specific program in the company I work for currently. Also we learned of the different and appropriate ways of communication with client after their termination, I shared my personal experience with my class mates and received great response. We also worked on out individual paper which made me think and do research on how to handle specific client or situation that we may come across. The learning team project turned out great, we all worked hard on the project and the final result was very informative, great team work. E X E R C I S E 10.3 Power In your journal, record your answers to the following questions. Have you seen a professional use power over a client? Yes, quite often. Some professionals take advantage of their power and knowledge. In form or money, respect, dignity, value, opinion, almost everything, some professionals think they are better then the regular people What were the circumstances? Example could be a lawyer to client. That professional can take so much advantage of the needy client at that time. What were the effects? The effects will be on business, loosing client/customers is even a bigger threat.
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BSHS Journal entry Week 5 - Mohit Patel Journal entry 5...

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