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Running Head: TECHNIQUE FOR CREATING BEHAVIOR CHANGE 1 Homework: Technique for Creating Behavior Change in Clients Team A: Lena Barber, Jessica Hardy, Mohit Patel, Magan Romano, Sonya Washington Communication Skills for the Human Services Professional BSHS-322 Amber Michelle Templain-Kuehn University of Phoenix November 29, 2010
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TECHNIQUE FOR CREATING BEHAVIOR CHANGE 2 Homework: Technique for Creating Behavior Change in Clients One of the most important goals concerning a client’s treatment in the Human Services profession is helping him or her to modify ineffective behaviors. There are many methods and techniques that a professional can use to achieve this goal. A professional’s theoretical viewpoint can sometimes dictate which technique is used. It is essential that the technique chosen engages the client to ensure that the client is actively participating in the change. Using homework assignments as a technique for changing a client’s behavior is effective because of the continuation of treatment outside the clinical setting, the involvement of family and support systems, and the ability to tailor the specific assignments to the individual needs of each client. Like all techniques, this can be effective only if the client is willing to comply. Homework is a technique that relies heavily on the participation of the client. Homework is described as “specific behavioral assignments” (Murphy & Dillon, 2003, ch. 8, para. 43). These assignments can be developed by the clinician or the client and clinician can plan the assignments together. Homework typically occurs outside of the clinical setting and always complements the behaviors targeted for change. Examples of homework assignments include behavioral logs, meditation, going to meetings or support groups, expressing feelings directly, or recording times when the client has negative ides about his or herself (Murphy & Dillon, 2003). Homework assignments can be included in the client-clinician contract as the assignments can help clients reach their goals. Like almost all methods and techniques, it is extremely helpful to include family and friends with homework assignments. There may even be times when a member of the client’s support system is hindering the work outside of the office. This can be remedied by discussing the issue with the person or by changing the assignment in
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Homework. Behavior change technique - Running Head...

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