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1 1.1 (a) Thermostatic bath imposes its temperature T on the system. (b) Container imposes constraint of constant volume. Thermal isolation implies that heat flow must be zero, while mechanical isolation (and constant volume) implies there is no work flow. Consequently there is no mechanism for adding or removing energy from the system. Thus, system volume and energy are constant. (c) Thermally isolated adiabatic Frictionless piston pressure of system equals ambient pressure (or ambient pressure + wg/A if piston-cylinder in vertical
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Unformatted text preview: position. Here , w = weight of piston A = its area and g is the force of gravity.) (d) Thermostatic bath constant temperature T . Frictionless piston constant pressure (see part c above). (e) Since pressure difference induces a mass flow, pressure equilibrates rapidly. Temperature equilibration, which is a result of heat conduction, occurs much more slowly. Therefore, if valve between tanks is opened for only a short time and then shut, the pressure in the two tanks will be the same, but not the temperatures....
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