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Argument Briefs-Negative Com 250 Skiles 5 May 5, 2010 Kritik-Nuclear Orientalism A. Kritik Link-Arguments and claims that address fears of proliferation are grounded in Western notions of the Orient. The NPT is failing upholds ideals of nuclear orientalism. Falk, Richard & Krieger, David. “The NPT is Failing. What Now?” The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (2006): 1-3. RAL And there is more to worry about. The NPT promises in Article IV as a matter of "inalienable right" full access to peaceful forms of nuclear technology for non-weapons states. Several countries, including Germany and Japan, parties to the NPT, have a complete nuclear fuel cycle, including enrichment phases, which makes it possible for them to acquire weapons in a matter of weeks or months. Iran is being threatened with military attack and UN sanctions if it moves in a similar direction. This appears to be such a blatantly discriminatory application of a vital provision of the
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