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negative bib - Enviornmental Law Review 337(2010 3-39...

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Negative Bibliography Com 250 Skiles April 12, 2010 Alley, Roderic. “Acquiescence or Abolition? Nuclear Weapons and the Non-Proliferation Treaty Regime.” Social Alternatives 18.4 (1999): 19-24. Falk Richard. & Krieger David. “At the Nuclear Precipice: Catastrophe or Transformation?” Introduction (2006): 1-8. Harvey, John R. “U.S. Nuclear Weapons Programs: Implications for Nonproliferation .” Comparative Strategy 26.1 (2007): 95-102. Hubbard, Christopher. “From Ambivalence to Influence: Australia and the Negotiation of the 1968 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.” The Australian Journal of Politics and History 50.4 (2004): 526- 544. Lillis, James. “Another Weapon in the Nonproliferation Arsenal: Enlisting International Enviornmental Treaties to Prevent the Spread of Nuclear Weapons.” Georgetown International
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Unformatted text preview: Enviornmental Law Review 337 (2010): 3-39. Perkovich, George. “Bush’s Nuclear Revolution.” Foreign Affairs 82.2 (2003): 2-8. Sanger, David. “President Obama Calls for Nuclear-Weapons-Free World, New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Senate Approval of CTBT, and Strengthened Anti-proliferation Efforts.” American Journal of International Law 103.3 (2009): 600-604. Sauer, Tom. “The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in Crisis.” The Journal of Social Justice 18.3 (2006): 333-340. Sidel, Victor. “Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons : Opportunities for Control and Abolition.” American Journal of Public Health 97.9 (2007): 1589-1594. Stanford, Maj D.K. “Introducing the ‘New’ ASPJ and Focusing on Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence.” Air and Space Power Journal 23.3 (2009): 30-35....
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negative bib - Enviornmental Law Review 337(2010 3-39...

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