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Workshop 1 - Counter plans? 1. Threat Reduction Program-...

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What’s wrong with the affirmatives position? 1. There is no way to know how country knows the truth. Countries are going to do what is in their best interest. (Solvency Case Take Outs). 2. NPT is not the best treaty to overcome the international agreement 3. Based on good faith negotiations 4. N.W. can get into the hands of terrorists-this is NOT true because it has nothing to do with country. Who do we attack if Al-Qaida bombs? 5. Deterrence 6. Solvency Take Out- “Modeling” big countries should engage in right thing to do because other countries will follow suit – checks and balances 7. Inherency Take Out- your assuming that if you change perceived cause (US hypocrisy) actual about own fears of self preservation 8. Vulnerability-What if decreasing weapons, increases the likely hood of nuclear war 9. Case Take Out – Solvency – creates Arms Race- everyone wants to “one up” 10. India? Harms? Don’t want NPT because they don’t trust the person next door 11. Disadvantage-Iraq/Iran –Arms Race!
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Unformatted text preview: Counter plans? 1. Threat Reduction Program- CMFT, comprehensive missile treaty, more updated treaty, accounts for problems that have been introduced recently. Take out fissile material, then can take out more eventually. Countries internationally can have as many weapons but cant have fissile material. Obama is pushing this. Helps address terrorists threat. (Interception nuclear material news) 2. Inherency-Obamas agenda is enough. NPT is not necessary. Russia/US- not saying we dont support NPT, we just think there is better ways to figure it out Course Materials 1. Case Take Outs 2. Counterplan Text-what change in agent, action, and how it differs from the NPT. a. Why cant we have CMFT and NPT at the same time. b. Solvency- Evidence that Counterplan will work DUE: 10 Cards on Monday 3rd, Briefs on Wednesday 5th series of briefs on evidence NEXT MONDAY DEBATES STARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday 28 th EVIDENCE...
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Workshop 1 - Counter plans? 1. Threat Reduction Program-...

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