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A) I really like Communication Accommodation Theory. It explains why people talk a certain way when dealing with different people and explains a lot about how and why people will act the way they do. It is so funny because my mom and her family is from Texas where they say “ya’ll” and when we were little and would visit I didn’t know why when we came back to California my mom would still be saying “ya’ll”. This theory helped me to explain why she would pick up on her accent when she would go back to her hometown. The next theory that helped to explain something that I experienced but never understood why is the Cultivation Theory. This theory explains why people who watch a lot of TV have an unrealistic view of the world that it is more dangerous and scary then it actually is. I had a boyfriend in high school whose mom would freak out and call us into her room and point to the TV and say, “Look, look, what’s happening on the TV!” she would get really nervous every time we went out and made up all these crazy
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