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Good Social Scientific Theory: 1. Explanation of data 2. Prediction of future events 3. Relative simplicity-not more complex then it has to be 4. Hypotheses can be tested 5. Practical utility-theory can be useful. Symbolic Interaction by Mead (U. of Chicago) and Blumer (Berkley) - “the civilizing effect of language” 1. Meaning 2. Language 3.Thought Premise 1: people act toward things based on meanings they are assigned Premise 2: meaning arises from social interaction (gender role development) Premise 3: individuals interpretations of symbols is modified by their thought processes “I”-impulsive; “me”-image of the self through other’s eyes—no me at birth Axiom 1: verbal comm. ↑, uncertainty ↓ Axiom 2: nonverbal comm. ↑,
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