Study Card (Final)

Study Card (Final) - Social Judgment (Muzafer Sherif)...

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Social Judgment (Muzafer Sherif) ego-involvement: how crucial an issue is in our lives, will affect attitudes about other things ↑ ego ↓ rejection ↑ commitment Boomerang effect: attitude change in the opposite direction of what message advocated weak args. Trigger effect. Theory helps persuasion if 1. Message comes from credible source 2. message is ambiguous 3. ppl are dogmatic Cultivation (George Gerbner) Meta analysis: blends results of multiple research studies exploring tv viewing and fear of violence (critique) Cognitive Dissonance (Leon Festinger) Hyp1: selective exposure-avoid info that would create cog. Diss. b/c its incompatible with belief Hyp 2: post-decision dissonance- occur after making important decision 1. more important decision 2. longer delay in making decision 3. greater difficulty reversing decision Hyp 3: minimal justification-shift in attitude, offer just enough incentive Agenda Setting (Max Mccombs-Donald Shaw) Hyp: mass media have ability to transfer salience of issues on their news
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Study Card (Final) - Social Judgment (Muzafer Sherif)...

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