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Extra Credit - Com 322 Besel Extra Credit GCCLHP Letter The...

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Com 322 Besel June 11, 2010 Extra Credit: GCCLHP Letter The earliest memory that I have of any topic or issue related to global warming was probably in the 8 th grade. Prior to junior high, I went to a Catholic private school from Kindergarten to 6 th grade. Although my education was not centered on politics, there was very much a conservative outlook on what was going on in the world and issues such as church and state, abortion, global warming. When I went to junior high, I transferred to a public school system. Here I was a lot more exposed to a wider range of topics such as global warming. The first time I ever heard the term “global warming” was probably in the 8 th grade when my English teacher was talking about the weather and how it was so much hotter of a spring then the previous one. She went on to explain that the Earth was slowly heating up due to things like carbon monoxide being released into our atmosphere. At the time I didn’t really understand exactly what she was talking about, but it made sense because it did seem that the summers were getting hotter and hotter as I grew up. The other earliest memory that I have of hearing the term “global warming” is from my mom. She is politically liberal and believes in getting all the facts on a topic. She does not believe in hiding truths to protect our youth. On Fox news, I remember hearing about how global warming is simply a scam and that it is not a plausible situation. My mom from as early as I can remember always told me how conservative Fox news was and that they did not give all the facts because they were so conservative. I grew up with a very opinionated mom who did not believe in anything that had to do with being a Republican or conservative. I think that this had a lot to do with shaping my views as I grew up and forming opinions that I have today. If you hear from the beginning of your childhood that Fox news is
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fabricated and conservatives are filled with old ideals and beliefs that is what you come to see as the truth.
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