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The sophist paper should discuss matters such as the person's pedagogy (teaching technique), his rhetorical notions and theories, and his philosophical beliefs, particularly as they relate to his rhetorical theory. You must use the sources on reserve in the Kennedy library. I do not want you to use internet sources for this assignment, unless they are academic articles accessed through the library search engines such as "Academic Search Elite," or "Communication and Mass Media Complete." Also avoid using the Murphy text, since I will assume that everyone has read the chapter in Murphy on the sophists. Among the reserve sources, Barrett's book is the easiest, but Guthrie's is the best. Both books will have sections on individual sophists such as Prodicus, Protagoras, Gorgias, and Hippias, but do not confine your research to these chapters. If you look in the index to Guthrie's book, there are references to individual sophists throughout the book. If you do not
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Unformatted text preview: understand an important term concerning a sophist, such as "nomos," for example, you should read part, or all, of the chapter on "The Nomos/Physis Dichotomy." You will find the Sprague translation of THE SOPHISTS a useful resource for the sophistic fragments. Kennedy's RHETORIC AND ITS SECULAR AND CHRISTIAN TRADITIONS will provide a useful overview of the sophists. The paper is not intended to be more than a short report. The purpose of the paper is to give you a sense of what sophism was and how individual sophists differ from other sophists. I am more interested in your studying the map than arriving at the destination in record time. A bit of meandering through and exploration of the available material on the sophists will help you understand the lecture material. The process is as, or more, important than the product. No Messages...
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