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1. Plato says, what is the nature of rhetoric? Is it a true or false art? It is about appearance, not about knowledge. You must fully know about a topic before you can teach it. Gorgias would argue that rhetoric is a true art because it involves justice, medicine, legislation and all of those deals with words. 2. Plato says what is the true essence of power? Gorgias says tyrants don’t have absolute power because they perform the wills of the state, what is in the best interest of their country. 3. Plato says only the wise who can understand justice and virtue should make laws for the population because ordinary people cannot understand justice. Gorgias says democracy is what should rule and make laws because people define and interpret things differently. It is not just the wise that know everything. 4. Plato says that rhetoric is selfish; it is a branch of flattery. Rhetoric is merely a momentary pleasure for our own personal gains and it trains people to think in the
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Unformatted text preview: moment. Gorgias says you cannot take a moral stance in teaching rhetoric, the teachers isn’t responsible for the action of their students. It’s not what you have learned but how you use what you have learned. 5. Plato says dialectical reasoning is a way of deceiving. It makes ideas sound appealing and flattering. It is rooted in carnal desires and is a powerful tool to persuade people into happiness. Gorgias would say that 6. Plato says rhetoric is useless, it deals with deceiving and nothing is absolute. Instead, it is important to look into philosophy to find the answers to your questions. Gorgias believes that one can only go so deep until he is found in darkness. You must find a balance with culture, philosophy, and your own truths. No one will understand where you are coming from if you go too deep. It is the idea of essential relativism....
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