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Parmenides-Heraclietes-Corax-Tisias-Gorgias-Socrates-Plato-Isocrates- Aristotle Pericles instituted democracy 4,5 BC Greek society- oral society, Democratic legislative, court system Parmenides senses are deceivers truth found through thought Being-fixed meaning for things what is is. Heraclites flow and flux Becoming-we come to know world through senses. Thuycydides-rhetoric influences belief/action or advices. Lysias rhetorical prob. Have to gage what ppl will accept replace true/false w/ better/worse args. Greek drama: with actors=antithesis and characterization. Ethos-orator pathos-audience logos-speech. Inartistic proof wills oaths artistic proof invention of speaker, rhetorical proofs. Helen-Apagogic method-speech of defense pick what option they liked best. Kairos-opportune moment. Prepon: fitting style rather then substance. Arête: abilities. Socrates says not teachable bc don’t hand it to kids. Protagoras says yes b/c we repeatedly encounter them. Oratory-continuous discourse w/ large audience dialectic-
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  • Spring '09
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  • Lysias rhetorical prob, w/ better/worse args, Thuycydides-rhetoric influences belief/action, oaths artistic proof

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