Plato vs. Gorgias

Plato vs. Gorgias - GorgiasPositionPaper There are many...

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Gorgias Position Paper There are many claims regarding rhetoric in Plato’s text, Gorgias , and some of them would summon great controversy among the sophists had they the chance to combat them before they went to print. To refute a true philosopher is to do him a great good, and let it be noted that for many Sophists do not hold this same view on the matter. The claim that rhetoric teaches belief without knowledge would not go undisputed by Gorgias, as his whole profession and integrity is jeopardized by such a statement. Such a statement, he might argue to say, as our group discussed, may not be such a helpful refutation of his work. Gorgias would take the line of argument against such a claim by elaborating on the nobleness of professing belief first and foremost, as he might argue that no knowledge can be attained before belief is instilled. While Socrates takes apart the puzzle that is the sophistic profession which depends upon the worth of rhetoric Gorgias acknowledges the attempt, but feels immune to the challenge, as he sets his pupil Callicles in the line of Socrates’ fire. Gorgias might agree that his pupil was not adequately engaged in act of argument with Socrates, but
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Plato vs. Gorgias - GorgiasPositionPaper There are many...

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